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September 27, 2014

David Dubrof: Optimizing workers’ comp medical management stratgey


dubrofWhen it comes to optimizing a medical management strategy while expediting the appropriate care for an injured worker and eliminating unnecessary medical expenses, listening to David Dubrof is a great idea.  David is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for CID Management, a firm that provides a suite of software and services for better management of workers’ compensation.


  • Getting workers back to work faster
  • How to eliminate unnecessary medical spend on injured workers
  • Automating decisions based on evidence based guidelines
  • How to improve savings by automating the referral process
  • The emerging trend surrounding pharmacy spend


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September 9, 2014

Michael Simpson: Care Management and Meaningful Use


Michael Simpson 2WHO: Michael Simpson
WHAT: President + CEO
WHERE: Caradigm

Caradigm identifies and stratifies the risk in your population to improve clinical outcomes and financial results. Caradigm equips your organization to keep a patient population as healthy as possible while managing utilization to lower costs.

Today’s notes and discussion guide:

There seems to be a lot of ongoing debate about Meaningful Use requirements and timelines, as well as mixed feedback on the adoption of Electronic Health Records. What’s your perspective on EHR adoption/value and the progress being made toward meeting Meaningful Use objectives?”

What capabilities are needed beyond what typical EHRs provide to achieve Stage 2 Meaningful Use as well as broader goals for population health?

Can you talk more specifically about the tools or solutions you believe providers need to achieve their goals for improved quality, outcomes and population health?

You mentioned Care Management as one of the four capabilities. I often think of Care Management in the payer domain. What does Caradigm offer in Care Management for providers?

What other applications are part of your population health portfolio?

About Michael Simpson:

Michael Simpson is the CEO of Caradigm accountable to the company’s Board of Directors. Before being named CEO of Caradigm, Michael served as general manager for GE Healthcare IT. In that role, he was responsible for product management, marketing, engineering and service strategies for Qualibria, a groundbreaking clinical knowledge platform.

Michael has more than 25 years of domestic and international experience across various market segments, including healthcare IT, telecommunications, media and high-tech industries. Prior to joining GE, he was senior vice president of product strategy and development at QuadraMed Corp. Michael also held several executive roles at McKesson Corp., including senior vice president and chief technology officer, McKesson Provider Technologies; senior vice president and chief technology officer for McKesson Technology Solutions’ international operations; and senior vice president and general manager, Horizon Clinicals.


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September 4, 2014

Leigh Williams and Dr. John Showalter: Sharing Thought Leadership on Engagement

Leigh Williams and Dr. John Showalter are two of our favorite guests on The Healthcare Insider.  This is their third time (the first time was at #HIMSS14 and the second time recently on the #ICD10 Roundtable) on the show and they continue to WOW! us each time.  On this episode they will present their thought leadership on the importance of engagement for large Initiatives like #ICD10 and #MeaningfulUse, especially at it relates to physicians.

Dr John Showalter LeighTW-1

 Program Guide:

  • How physicians are unique in terms of how they need to be engaged for large and important initiatives like ICD-10 and Meaningful Use
  • How to achieve the engagement required and other tactics necessary for success
  • The importance of understanding and applying the science of engagement
  • What Leigh and Dr. Showalter are doing to share their ideas and this successful approach to big initiatives:  They have created Propel Health IT which is conducting seminars to teach their successful approach with other Healthcare and IT Executives and Management.

The next seminar is scheduled for October 9-10 in Atlanta and The Healthcare Insider is excited to announce that we will be there!  More Information can be found at

You can best contact Leigh (@leightw) and Dr. Showalter (@JohnShowalterMD) on Twitter.

Dr. John Showalter is a leader in the field of Clinical Knowledge Management. His training has uniquely prepared him to bridge the gap between clinicians and the expanding world of health information systems. John attended Columbia University and received his BS in Biomedical Engineering in 1999. He obtained his medical degree form Penn State College of Medicine. John completed the first American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) approved combined residency and fellowship in Internal Medicine and Medical Informatics at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. He also holds a Masters of Information Systems (MSIS) from Penn State University. John is board certified in Internal Medicine. In July 2011, John assumed the role of Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at a large academic medical center. Leigh Williams is director of revenue cycle at a large academic medical center and specializing in health information management and physician charge capture and coding.  She is a Certified Professional Coder (CPC), a Certified Professional in Healthcare and Information Management Systems (CPHIMS), and is certified in Epic Resolute Professional Billing Charge Capture. She holds a degree from Wellesley College and will complete a master’s in Health Informatics & Information Management with RHIA in May 2014.


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September 3, 2014

The Totally Pregnant App: Revolutionizing Pregnancy

Totally Pregnant

WHO: Niv Adi
WHAT: Founder + CEO
WHO: Natalie Namer-Waldenstrom
WHAT: Marketing Manager
WHERE: Totally Pregnant


Niv Adi


The main topic of discussion is a discussion of the recently launched app called Totally Pregnant. Totally Pregnant is designed to help women who are expecting with a complete source of information on the go. The app works when women input their due date and using location-based technology, the app pulls up a combination of personalized information including:

• The first-ever 3D fetus animation videos (40 weeks’ worth)
• A weekly pregnancy tracker
• Personal photo albums
• Local prenatal and postnatal classes/events
• Q&A from live experts
• Discounts on pregnancy and baby products



From the BtoB side, the the app is also designed to work with hospitals who are interested in marketing their services to pregnant users in their respective neighborhoods. A hospital can connect with Totally Pregnant to target specific timelines and interests to users, in order to push their services to the right prospects at the right time during pregnancy (include sponsorships, doctors from the hospital who can answer questions through the app and customized mini-site options).

The big problem for pregnant women today (and solutions)

The big problem for healthcare providers (and solutions)

The Beta site – The Clalit Health TOTALLY case study (8 Hospitals, 1000 Clinics and 4 Million patients) how we connect them to their consumers.

How Mobile can change everything for future moms and new parents.

The future of the TOTALLY Solution for Hospitals (Access to medical files, Monitoring, Medical devices and partnerships)

How Hospitals can use our platform to bring new patients and create a real communication with current patients.

What do Hospitals have to offer to patients nowadays. (from natural birth to full luxury services)

The financial offer for Hospitals.

The TOTALLY strategy – how we will work locally with Hospitals and OBGYN

Originally from Belgium, Niv Adi is an Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of TOTALLY, an innovative platform looking to change the way future moms and new parents manage pregnancy and child care. Its first product is Totally Pregnant, a personalized app for pregnant women, available in the U.S. and worldwide across all major devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and desktop. . The app offers personalized information, location-based classes/events, Q&A from live experts, and discounts on pregnancy and baby products.


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September 3, 2014

Dr. Peter Edelstein: Empowering patients & leveraging IT

DrEdelsteinEditedDr. Peter Edelstein is the Chief Medical Officer at Elsevier.  Elseveier is well known as a leading publisher for scientific and medical information, however Elsevier delivers far more to the medical community.  They are a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals.   Through their Exit Care program, Elsevier provides educational tools to patients so they can make informed decisions about their medical care and recovery in clear, understandable language.  hey also empower the medical community to make better decisions, deliver better care, and make groundbreaking scientific discoveries.

Dr. Edelstein is a board certified surgeon and experienced medical services entrepreneur.  Dr. Edelstein serves as Elsevier’s clinical expert engaging with strategic partners, clients, and professional societies. With a focus on content-driven electronic provider solutions and patient education and empowerment products, he actively engages with executive leadership and field teams in strategy and business development, product, marketing, and sales.

 Program Guide:

  • How to drive patient engagement and empower them to make more informed decisions
  • Why IT Departments must implement the three Big Data requirements to allow their organizations to jump-start Clinical Decision Support
  • How Big Data can inform evidence-based medicine by providing credible content at the point of care for doctors, nurses, and patients at the time that they are making critical clinical decision
  • Why the current healthcare technology revolution is not going away and how medical practices need to align their processes for the new marketplace

More Information can be found at
Dr. Edelstein can be reached at


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September 2, 2014

Tom Lee + Beth Houck: SA Ignite, your Meaningful Use assistant

SA Ignite

Beth Houck

Beth Houck

WHO: Tom Lee
WHAT: Founder + CEO
WHO: Beth Houck
WHAT: Vice President, Client Services
WHERE: SA Ignite

Today’s discussion guide:

SA Ignite’s MU Assistant is the only fully-automated, cloud-based Meaningful Use reporting and attestation solution compatible with any EHR.

MU Assistant solves the problem of having to sift through hundreds, if not thousands of eligible provider meaningful use reports from the core EHR to determine who is and who is not meeting the various meaningful use stage requirements.

Tom Lee

Tom Lee

MU Assistant allows meaningful use program directors to easily manage large numbers of providers in various incentive programs and payment years all from a single dashboard.

SA Ignite has fifty clients across the United States who have submitted nearly 6,000 eligible provider attestations for a total of more than $77M in incentive dollars received.

About Tom + Beth:

Tom Lee is a technology innovator and leader who brings his unique world view and compassion to create health IT solutions for the business of caring for people. He is the father of two small children and after a frightening personal experience, it was his concern for their future in the world that inspired him to create a company that matched his personal passion: driving innovation in the public healthcare system.

Tom was instrumental in the establishment of the Chicago Health IT Regional Extension Center (CHITREC) and has consulted for leading healthcare and health IT organizations such as the Northwestern University School of Medicine, Erie Family Health Center, and the Alliance of Chicago. He was previously Director of Software Product Management at Research In Motion (Blackberry) and founding CTO of Enorbus Technologies, a successful wireless IT startup in China subsequently acquired by Disney. Tom earned a B.S. with Distinction in Physics from Stanford, a Ph.D in Physics from U.C. Berkeley where he was an NSF Fellow, and an M.B.A. with Distinction from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Beth Houck has led strategy and business development for Northwestern Memorial Healthcare and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. She was a Vice President at Press Ganey, and previous to that was COO of Patient Impact, a successful patient satisfaction measurement start-up. She earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University and an M.B.A. from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. Beth believes that the industry needs to do more and dig deeper to create a meaningful and effective digital relationship to benefit patients, doctors and the entire health care system. SA Ignite is a company that she says has “respect for clients, doctors and patients, and has a laser focus on how it can have a positive public health impact”.


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September 1, 2014

Travis Mendenhall: Using technology to improve the patient experience

Travis Mendenhall

Reading via email? CLICK HERE to listen NOW!

Travis MendenhallWHO: Travis Mendenhall
WHAT: Senior Systems Analyst
WHERE: Gwinnett Hospital System, Inc.

Today’s discussion guide:

Launch, ramp up and optimization of online payment portals for hospitals to increase patient payment options and convenience.

Patient loyalty program

Accurate automated bill estimation and financial counseling to increase the positive hospital billing experience for the patient.

Patient friendly statement optimization

About Travis

Travis Mendenhall is a Sr. Systems Analyst at Gwinnett Hospital System in Lawrenceville, GA. He formerly managed Customer Service, Cash Posting and Business Partner Relations for the Hospital System. Prior to his 5 years of service at Gwinnett, he managed Patient Access, Financial Counseling, Reception and 31 oncology practices at the Cedars-Sinai Outpatient Cancer Center in Los Angeles. Travis holds 6 HFMA certifications including Fellow and he is the national certification chair for GA HFMA. He received his B.A. at the College of Charleston and his M.F.A. from Arizona State University.


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August 26, 2014

Dr. Shiv Patel: LIVE from the ADIS Summit!

Adar Dental Network

Shiv PatelWHO: Dr. Shiv Patel
WHAT: Dentist (DDS)
WHERE: Atlanta Center for Restorative Dentistry

A one-of-a-kind cosmetic dental practice providing world-class smile transformations in a pampering, pleasant environment. You are probably there because you have been thinking about what it would be like to have a smile that naturally and beautifully suits your face and makes you look more youthful, happy, and confident. You are in the right place, because that is exactly what their Atlanta Dentists deliver for people every day.

Their goal is to provide each and every client with an incredible experience that blows away his or her expectations of what a cosmetic dental office is like. In their Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry office, you will see that they have completely changed the way that dental services are delivered. They strive to make our office unique by providing beautiful functional dentistry, outstanding customer service, spa-like amenities, cutting-edge cosmetic dental technology, materials and equipment, and an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and relaxed.

This series is brought to you by:

Adar Dental Network

This series was broadcast on location from the 2014 Summit on Advanced Dental Implant Studies!


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August 26, 2014

Ed Simcox: Lowering the Risk in Healthcare IT


Ed Simcox is a healthcare business expert, leading the United States healthcare vertical solutions practice for Logicalis.  Ed is responsible for strategy and business development for Logicalis’s healthcare practice.

Logicalis is a recognized leader in international IT solutions focused on communications and collaboration; data center and cloud services; and managed services.  Logicalis has over 3500 employees and 6,000 corporate and private sector customers with operations in 23 states in the U.S., as well projects in Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.



  • Why healthcare analytics is a journey
  • How Big Data can move the CIO up the healthcare value chain and be a larger role in the business of running a healthcare organization
  • Challenges in implementing Meaningful Use and the three stages of a well-planned and executed strategy
  • The promise and perils of mobile technology in healthcare applications
  • Creating a more agile healthcare workforce by reducing friction between digital access points
  • The role of IT in healthcare imaging and creating a life-cycle management strategy to get control over the image data explosion

Logicalis can be found at:
Ed Simcox can be reached via Twitter at @ejsimcox or via e-mail at


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August 24, 2014

Mariann Yeager: The Healtheway difference

Mariann YeagerWHO: Mariann Yeager
WHAT: Executive Director
WHERE: Healtheway Inc.

To improve the health and welfare of all Americans by supporting and enabling health information exchange that is trusted, that scales, and enhances quality of care and health outcomes by supporting comprehensive longitudinal health records.

Today’s discussion guide:

eHealth Exchange

-Status of eHealth Exchange – growth, use cases supported, and relevance to meeting meaningful use transitions of care measures

-Testing – how testing, particularly product testing increases interoperability


-What Carequality is and what it will accomplish

-Status of Carequality work

-Role and function of Steering Committee

About Mariann Yeager:

Mariann Yeager serves as Executive Director and CEO for Healtheway, Inc., a public-private collaborative leading efforts to advance implementation of secure, nationwide and interoperable exchange of health information. Yeager facilitated the transition of the eHealth Exchange (formerly NwHIN Exchange) from its start as a federal program initiative to a thriving public-private endeavor. Today, the eHealth Exchange has more than doubled its connectivity, with participants representing more than 30% of US hospitals and 100 million patients. Building upon this extensive growth, Yeager led the launch of a new initiative, called Carequality, which focuses on enabling interoperability between and among HIE networks across the US.

Yeager has 20+ years experience in health IT. Prior to Healtheway, she worked for 5 years on ONC nationwide health information network initiatives. She helped launch the first ambulatory and hospital EHR certification program in the US and led the payer operations division for a large national healthcare clearinghouse.


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